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Nominate Your Morgan County Pioneer Ancestor!


On an annual basis, the Morgan Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers will add one or two names to our beautiful Early Morgan Pioneer Monument located at the entrance of the Morgan City Riverside Park. The Sons of Utah Pioneer Monument Committee will select one or two names to be submitted to appropriate City and County Offices for Final Approval. Qualifications for the nominee: Must possess qualities and character exemplified by the early pioneers of Utah Territory. One who had faith in God, devotion to family, loyalty to church and country, hard work and service to others, courage in adversity, personal integrity, and unyielding determination. Can be male or female; young or old. Must have been a resident of Morgan County prior to the year 1900. Should have made significant contributions to Morgan County. Submit your application to James C. Hurst, 5733 Spruce Circle, Morgan, Utah 85050. The nomination must be postmarked by June 1, 2011.

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