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County Council Notes May 3, 2011


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Ronda Kippen, Robert Kilmer, Ned Mecham, Lyle Nelson Absent: Member Don Mathews Public Comment: Steve Hawkin: Hawkin is a former member of the County Council. He spoke about the tax that was established for flooding. He reported to the council that FEMA recommended that the county establish a tax to pay for flooding costs after the flooding in 1983. He reported on improvements that were done after the flooding previously. He also spoke of the role of the county government as it relates to FEMA. He reported that the county had used the fund for equipment and personnel in the past. He provided his view that the county should take a lead role in flooding since the issue is beyond what individual citizens can accomplish on their own. Dan Wilkinson: Represented Wilkinson Construction. Terry Turner had requested input from Wilkinson. He surveyed the areas where there is the potential for flooding and reported that some of the local contractors would be willing to work together to take out trees and utilize gravel from the bottom of the rivers to build up the sides of the river. He felt that this would deepen the river channel as well as build up the river banks. He commented on the corp. of engineers meeting that recently happened and expressed the view that now is the time to take action to help to prevent problems. David Sawyer: Sawyer spoke about Rollins Ranch. He commented that he is trying to build a home in the area and he is now awaiting approval for a building permit. He requested that the council take action on completing an agreement with Rollins Ranch and that the county move forward with issuing building permits. Sawyer said that he needs approval to move forward by mid May or he will need to build elsewhere. Sawyer asked that the council either lift the ban or provide another way for him to move forward with his construction. Jennifer Johnson: Johnson is concerned that trees on her property in Porterville were removed without her permission as a part of the flood management process. She acknowledged that the county has an easement, but expressed that she would have preferred to be contacted before the trees were removed. Lori Peterson: Peterson commented on flooding and requested that the council consider controlling flooding of farm property to keep the property out of the flood plain designation. Terry Turner: Turner commented on the concern expressed by Johnson. He said the developer had been contacted and informed the county that the homeowner was not in the area. Council Business: Ned Mecham: Mecham reported that the new arena at the fair grounds has been relocated. He also reported that new electrical is being installed for a sound system. He thanked the road crew and the city for their help in the project. Chairman Kelley: Kelley reported that the history of Morgan County book has been re-published by the Daughters of the Pioneers and is available for a cost of $20.00. It can be purchased from the DUP Museum or in the library at the historical society. Bruce Clark/Logan Wilde Ò Bag of Woad Wilde reported on the bag of woad program that the county operated in the past. He is requesting funding of $300 for the program from the county. This will fund the removal of the weed to the waste management facility by Robinson Waste. Clark is the county weed board chairman and expressed support for the bag of woad program. The council approved the funding of $300 for the program unanimously. Airport Advisory Board Ò Lease agreement with Wayne Wilkinson The council approved the lease unanimously. Blaine Breshears Ò New in car video systems Sheriff Breshears reported that each deputy car has a video system installed. The company that provided the system is bankrupt and the car video systems are obsolete and cannot be serviced. Breshears has identified a new video system that the Sheriff’s office wishes to purchase. Breshears requested that the purchase be paid for from the alcohol fund. The purchase was approved unanimously. Emergency Mitigation and Prevention Plan See To Dredge or Not To Dredge on page 1 Public Hearing Ò for Ordinance CO-11-07 – Kennels and Household pets in residential, rural residential, agricultural, multiple use and forest zone An applicant requested a dog license from the county. He had over the amount of the dogs per the zoning and so requested a change in the ordinance to allow him an additional dog license. The planning commission recommended a change to the ordinance to provide up to four dogs and the ability to apply for a kennel permit in the R-1 zone Those below one acre would continue to be limited to two dogs. During the public hearing the following comments were made: Debbie Sessions Ò Sessions expressed that she is not in favor of increasing the number of allowed dogs or allowing kennels in the RR-1. Blaine Breshears Ò Strongly opposed to the ordinance. Does not believe that kennel permits should be allowed in the RR-1. The ordinance was not passed. The vote was unanimous. The council directed that staff and the sheriff’s department to evaluate the problems in the current ordinance and make recommendations for changes. The council approved this unanimously. Blaine Breshears Ò Architects present plans for animal control building The contract for architectural services was awarded to Design West with all in favor except member Mecham who does not believe the county should incur the debt to build this building.

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