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Kindergarten FFA Day


On May 6, the Morgan Elementary Kindergarten students took a field trip to Diamond D Ranch. Our FFA members got to help them learned about horses, cows, baby animals, crops, roping, barrel racing, Keyhole and Goat Tying. They had a lot of fun and learned much. The FFA students loved helping the kids learn in a hands on way. At roping the kids used a rope that was just their size and roped a dummy calf. In Goat tying the kids run after a goat and try to pull the ribbon off of the goat’s tail. There was a small accident and the goat got away, but Sara Clark, Nate Buchanan, and Shawn Francis caught it again. Kindergarteners also got to meet and play with baby animals, horses, and calves. The FFA would like to thank Diamond D Ranch for letting us come and help teach the kindergarteners there. Thanks also to the kindergarteners and their teachers for coming and letting us teach them. Special thanks to: Diamond D Ranch, Morgan Soil Conservation District, Todd and Tresa Wardell, Wardell Fur Farm for planning, organizing, and hosting the field day. Everyone had so much fun, even though most of us got sunburned.

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