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Latter-day Saint Cherokee Family Celebrated their 20th Anniversary


The Latter-day Saint Cherokee Family based in Milton, Utah celebrated their 20th year of organization this last week end. They started with ninty people coming from all over the United States for the occasion by having a special all day experience at the Salt Lake City, Temple, with special speakers from the Temple Presidency, and doing temple work for their Cherokee ancestors. Saturday, they met at the Milton, Utah, LDS Ward Chapel for an all day celebration, with several national speakers and an elaborate Cherokee Feast. The Latter-day Saint speakers each spoke for one hour on: 1. The status of the Cherokee Nations of today and their modern success as American Citizens; 2. The most ancient historical findings covering the last four thousand years as found in Archaeological digs which relate to today’s Cherokee people; 3. Modern valid DNA findings relating to the ancient Cherokee of 2,500 years before Christ’s birth which connect to today’s living descendants; 4.In-depth Family Research techniques from the respected leader best qualified in the LDS Church today. 5. And information concerning the Utah Registration status of the LDS Cherokee Family and their purpose and accomplishments of the past twenty years. They were: Franklin Keel, of Tennessee, who is an honored Native blood Lawyer, and Superintendant of the United States National Bureau of Indian Affairs who heads over 3,000 Eastern Nations, Tribes, Bands and Clans of Cherokee people. He has held several top national positions as a United States Government Official for the past thirty years. Wayne May, Publisher from Wisconsin of the Ancient American Magazine, who has been an noted Archaeologist for over two decades and who is also a well known Latter-day Saint lecturer. Rod L. Meldrum, a Utah resident who is an accomplished known lecturer on DNA and producer of several CD’s and DVD’s nationwide. Don Anderson, over the LDS Church New Family Search Program ,who leads thousands of Latter-day Saints as well as those affiliated with other religions, in up to date personal genealogical persevering; Lanora and Richard Grondel Head Voices who founded the organization for the Latter-day Saint Cherokee Family twenty years ago, headed a gigantic Cherokee Extraction Program and who are in the process of producing a book of Ancient Cherokee Sacred Original Instructions given to them by Jehovah about 2,250 years BC, with the parallels of the Latter-day Saint Restored Gospel brought forth in latter days by Joseph Smith Jr. Professor Gordon Johnson of Morgan Junior High School shared with us his expertise in playing Cherokee flute music and with his own work written for this occasion, which was a delight to all.

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