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Bridge May Soon Close


Flooding challenges continue in the county as record rainfall adds to already fully saturated ground. Rainfall across the state are at record levels and flooding is occurring all along the course of the Weber River. The Croydon Bridge, pictured above, has water beginning to lap over the top of the bridge and may soon need to be closed. The county is continually monitoring the bridge to remove debris which flows down river and is trapped by the bridge adding to the flooding problem. One of the continual challenges the county is managing is the removal of debris to help the rivers flow unimpeded. The Lost Creek Road is also being damaged. The road has been submerged for long periods of time and the water is causing damage to the road and the shoulders. Both the City and County have been creating berms in the most serious areas to contain the flooding where damage is occurring. Farmland all over the county is submerged and the water is steadily rising. Additional flooding is nearly certain in the days to come. Last week the county preemptively declared an emergency to the state. This allows us access to equipment and other state resources, if needed, commented County Emergency Services Director Terry Turner. Cooler weather has helped the situation. As the rainfall continues the only silver lining in the clouds is that the overcast weather has brought with it cooler temperatures that have slowed the snow melt. Lost Creek Reservoir is expected to start flowing over the spillway within the next few days, but East Canyon remains about eight feet below the spillway and is currently filling at a pace of about six inches per day. This situation could change quickly if temperatures rise. The most serious flooding issue for most residents continues to be ground water. The saturated ground has meant that residents are having problems with flooding in basements as water seeps through floors from the standing ground water. The flooding situation is likely to grow worse in the coming weeks as temperatures rise and the snow melt continues. Turner also advised county residents to keep themselves and their children away from the edges of the rivers and streams. He cautioned that water is running fast and the current is strong.

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