Home Government County Council Notes – May 27, 2011

County Council Notes – May 27, 2011


The council reported that the city has made the final payment on the city building. 4th of July Committee Report The fourth of July committee reported to the council. They reviewed the agenda of events and talked about the many hours volunteered to make the day a success. They asked the city for an additional donation to the event and asked for help with the electrical at the park as well as the business licensing. The council expressed support and committed to help the committee solve the problems they are having. Resolution 11-18 Ò Contract with JUB Engineering Services The item was tabled. Resolution 11-19 Ò Contract with Wisan, Smith, Racker & Prescott for Auditing Services The firm was appointed unanimously. Ordinance 11-08 Ò Campaign Disclosure Ordinance Amendments The changes were procedural to bring the cities ordinance in line with the current state ordinance. It passed unanimously. Discussion/Decision Capital Improvement Project List Ò Add 700 East Water and Sewer Project to Update General Plan The Capital Improvement plan is essential for the city to apply for grants and other funding of projects. The council voted unanimously to make the changes. Discussion/Decision Ò City Justice Court City has been discussing whether to continue the Justice court or consolidate with the county to be more cost effective. Judge London is leaving on a mission and the Justice Court clerk has tendered her resignation. The current Justice court costs the city more money than the fines collected. The city has had discussions with the County about taking over the court. The county court currently has time available to take the cases within two hour docket at the county. The council decided unanimously to explore moving the court to the county. Discussion/Decision Ò Appeal Authority The state code changed last year. Cities may now have an appeal authority or a board of appeals. The city currently has a five member board of adjustments. The city is considering an appeals officer and determining how it would be implemented. There is a benefit to having an appeal authority from outside the county since they will not have relationships with those who are appealing. The council determined to move forward on exploring how an appeal officer would be used and what the cities options are for finding and engaging an appeal officer.

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