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Jazz Player Visits Morgan


The Morgan Middle school gym had a special visitor this last Monday. Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz came to meet up with his fans, have a fun time, and teach a little about basketball and himself. Around a hundred kids of all ages showed up and participated in different games and activities. One of these included placing bets on whether or not Evans could make a specific shot. The losing bets had to do pushups for their misjudgment, but Jeremy was quick to join them if he had let them down by missing. He also challenged others to quick games of 1-on-1. Both spectators and participants became animated, cheering for all sides. Later Evans talked a bit about himself and answered attendees questions. He shared are that his is 6’9, has three pets (two dogs and a tarantula), and that he would like would like to be an artist after his basketball career. He then signed autographs afterward.

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