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Temperate Weather Reduces Flooding, but Residents Still Face Many Challenges


The cooler weather a little rain over the past week has held off what might have been a much more serious flooding problem than the county is currently facing, but that is little consolation to county residents whose homes and farms are flooded. All along Lost Creek there is flooding. The Croydon Bridge is completely underwater. There is substantial flooding at the golf course. There have also been mud slides in some areas of the county and roads buckling that will need repair once the flooding season is complete. The most serious problems relating to the flooding of homes has occurred in the Island Road area. The high ground water in the area has meant that many homes have water seeping through the walls of their basements. A tour of the area reveals many houses with hoses snaked out of their basements steadily pumping water to keep the damage to a minimum. One house had three pumps operating to keep up with the water flow. Unfortunately there is no end in site. If temperatures remain moderate it means several more weeks of flooding as the runoff continues. There is still substantial snow pack at the higher elevations in the mountains. If temperatures rise quickly it is likely that Echo, Lost Creek, and East Canyon will begin flowing over their spillways. Either way residents are facing more flooding in the coming months to homes and to farm ground.

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