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Money is a subject we all have to deal with. Some of the 4-H members learned that money is no small topic at the Money Day Camp, on June 8th. They learned, through various activities, where to keep their money, how to save their money, and how to spend their money. Throughout the day, these 4-Hers (6th to 8th graders) had to be aware of their choices in saving and spending money. Evidence of some of the activities were attached to a board in the auditorium showing how they took $100 bill (play money) torn up into portions and glued it on a sheet of paper. They then explained each portions cash value and how it would be spent. Another posted activity was the Wants/Needs poster. This helped illustrate what the individual believed to be a want and a need. The participants cut pictures out of magazines, explained the value of the item, and identified it as a want or a need. The 4-H members were each given $5.00 (play money) to purchase their own lunch from a menu designed by the camp instructors, who included: Amanda Horrocks (USU Extension Agent), Kelly Carter (4-H Leader) and Morgan Blackhurst (USU Summer Intern). Some were not happy with their original food selection. This activity helped to teach them to be conscientious of their choices. The menu choices included sandwiches, potato salad, chips, candy, soda pop and bottled water (the only free item). After they got their food, if they were still hungry, they could go back for more if they so desired, at no additional cost. In the Smart Goals activity, they were each given a square savings bank to decorate. They showed the things for which they would be saving by using pictures and words. They chose items such as a vacation, a car, clothes, education, and savings. Another part of the activity detailed various ways one can save money. The course reviewed checking and savings accounts, pre-paid credit cards, savings bonds, certificates of deposit, and investments. 4-H leader, Carter pointed out, that many of the things that were done in Money Day Camp could be entered in the 4-H exhibits at the Morgan County Fair to win cash prizes. They simply submit work they have completed along with a written explanation of what they did and what they learned from it. They did an activity using a credit card simulator, through website channelone.com/life/credit. The website explained to them three different types of credit card accounts, interest rates, penalties and fees. They would then go shopping for various priced items, staying within the credit limit. The software would then show them the interest they would pay over time if they chose to only make the minimum payment. A Money Game focused on financial choices. The choices the students made determined how soon the game was finished. These games and activities are available through the Morgan USU Extension Office. Prizes were given to all who participated at the end of the money day camp. Most who attended would agree that they left there with a better idea about how to make good money decisions. The next Morgan County Extension workshop for adults will focus on the parent’s side of money management. The session will help parents to teach good money management principles to their children. It is called Teaching Our Children About Money and will be held on June 23rd at 7pm. Next day camp is Sewing, it will begin on June 20th through the 23rd at the auditorium. Horrocks mentioned that it would be helpful if those participating would bring their own sewing machines.

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