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City Council Notes June 14, 2011


Public Hearing Ò Final Adoption of Budget The city water rate is currently based on a 12,000 gallon monthly minimum. The current rate is $2.00 per 1,000 for the first 12,000 gallons. The council approved an increase in the rate to $2.25 for the first 12,000. That is approximately an 11% increase. For usage over 12,000 gallons per month the current rate is $3.00 per thousand. This rate will now increase to $3.25. The council estimates that this will generate an additional $50,000 in revenue per year. The city plans to use these additional funds for capital improvement projects that will be needed in the next few years. The city is planning improvements to 700 East and other projects that will need water system updates to be a part of the total package of improvements. They new water rates will be effective July 1. The council could not finalize the approval of tax rates. The county has not yet provided the numbers. The council continued that portion of the public hearing until the county provides the new rates. Salary Schedule increase. Over the past year the city has reduced staff. The council currently plans to reduce one additional staff position. The city employees have not had an increase in the past few years. The council approved an increase, effective July 1, for each full time employee of the city of $1,000 annually. Elected officials were not included in the increase. The increases will range from 1.4 % for those that have higher salaries and approximately 3% for those who have lower salaries. Public Hearing Ò Funds for the CIB The city is seeking funds from the Community Impact Board (CIB) for a general plan update. The update is required for the city to apply for grants and loans. The city engineer recommended that the plan needed to be updated. Resolution 11-21 – The new City Budget Approved Unanimously. Resolution 11-22 Ò Water Rates Approved Unanimously. Resolution 11-24 Ò 2011 tax rates and property tax revenue Tabled since the city does not have final rates from the county. Ordinance 11-09 Ò Salary Schedule Approved unanimously Resolution 11-23 Ò Dissolve City Justice Court The city has discussed for several months. Justice London is leaving to serve an LDS mission and as of June 30, the clerk is also leaving. The city has been losing money on the Justice Court for several years and the county has room in their docket for the city cases without incurring and substantial additional costs. The city is working to turn the court functions over to the county. Approved unanimously. Appointment of City Treasurer The mayor is appointing Laurie Moore. She will take the responsibility of City Treasurer as of July 1. The council voted a unanimous vote of confidence for the mayor’s selection. Special Reports It was reported that the ribbon cutting, ice cream, and movie at the park were big success. Those that attended enjoyed the evening. Splash Pad Fund Raiser The city is taking general public donations – They are targeting $25,000 in general public donations and $15,000 for individual splash pad features. The features range in cost from $150 to $6,500. Car Show on Saturday. There will be a classic car show on Saturday from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. Commercial street will be closed for the cars to be shown. Funds raised will go towards the splash pad. The last time a car show was held was in 1993. Community members have encouraged another show. Cars need to be older than 1975. There is also the breakfast and the rodeo that day.

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