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Riverside Playground Equipment Ready for Use


After much anticipation the playground equipment at Riverside Park is ready for play! The city held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the occasion. Mayor Egbert thanked those who had participated in making the new equipment possible. He gave particular thanks to Holcim who donated the cement and the labor for the sidewalks around the playground area. The mayor also thanked the city workers who maintain the parks for their fine work. The mayor invited David Whitear and Brianne Moore, two seasonal city employees who help with the parks, to cut the ribbon to the new playground. Surrounded by children, the two cut the ribbon to a roar of applause from those attending. The event also marked the kickoff of a number of events that the city will be holding to raise money for the splash pad. Jared Anderson, from CRS engineering spoke of his time growing up in Morgan and the many fond memories he has of the park. Anderson and his firm are donating the engineering work for the splash pad. After the ribbon cutting the city served ice cream for those attending. The ice cream was donated by Big Scoops Creamery in Roy (3855 West 5600 South). The city council wished to express thanks to Big Scoops and to Gloria Phillips who organized the ice cream. Donations were accepted and all the proceeds went towards the splash pad. The city raised $1,750 dollars last week toward their goal of $25,000. Saturday the city will be hosting the car show on Commercial Street. All proceeds from this event will also go towards the splash pad. With money raised previously and the additional funds of this last week, the city is now nearly one quarter of the way towards the funds they have targeted to raise. The last car show in the city was in 1993. The cars shown need to be older than 1973. Commercial Street will be closed to traffic for the event. Once the ice cream was finished those attending gathered on the lawn for a family movie. While the air was a little chilly, blankets kept the many families that attended warm as they enjoyed the fun of a community movie in the park. The city will be having several more movies in the park throughout the summer. It was a great night and the number of children playing on the equipment was testament to the use to which it will be put. Many hours of fun will be had for years to come. It was a foreshadowing of the even greater use the park will have once the splash pad is completed next year.

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