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Hot Fishing Spots for the July 4 Weekend


Several waters in Utah should provide good fishing when the July 4th weekend rolls around. As the weekend gets closer, you can stay updated on where fishing is the best by reading the Division of Wildlife Resources’ weekly fishing report. The report is available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots. You can also receive the free reports via email by subscribing to them at www.wildlife.utah.gov/e-lists/subscribe.php. The following are among the waters that stand out to DWR staff members as some of the best places to fish over the July 4 weekend this year: Northern Utah In northern Utah, Willard Bay Reservoir and the larger, trout-filled reservoirs might be the best spots to fish over the weekend. Regional Aquatic Manager Craig Schaugaard says Willard Bay should provide good fishing for wipers and catfish. And the main trout fishing reservoirs in northern Utah, such as East Canyon, Echo and Rockport, should provide good fishing for trout. Schaugaard says the water in most of region’s trout-fishing reservoirs has usually warmed up by the July 4th weekend. As a result, the trout fishing slows down. But I think fishing at these waters should still be good during the July 4th weekend this year, he says. Lakes in the Uinta Mountains are also usually a good bet for anglers on the July 4 weekend. But not this year. Schaugaard says lower elevation Uinta lakes should offer good fishing. But he’s concerned that some of the trout in Uinta lakes that are at higher elevations may have died during the winter because the lakes have been covered with ice for so long. I don’t know if the Mirror Lake Highway (state Route 150) will be open, he says. But if it is, and if we can stock [the lakes along the highway], fishing there could be good. Because conditions are a little off in northern Utah this year, Conservation Outreach Manager Phil Douglass recommends reading the DWR’s weekly fishing reports. The reports will keep you updated about fishing conditions and where fishing is best. You can receive the free reports via email by subscribing to them at www.wildlife.utah.gov/e-lists/subscribe.php. You can also read the reports at www.wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots. Douglass says the age of mobile phones is allowing anglers to receive the updated reports directly through email, wherever they are. Whether you receive the updates via email or read them on the DWR’s website, Douglass says the reports are a great way to prepare for the Fourth of July weekend or any other day of fishing.

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