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Morgala Days Royalty


The 2011 Morgala Days Queen is Kacee Waldron,daughter of Rex and Suzi Waldron. Kacee follows a long legacy of Morgala Days Royalty including her mom, aunts, and cousins. She expressed a special thank you to her parents, family, and friends for all the support. Kacee also received the Personality and Appearance prize. 1st Attendant is Madison Bohman, daughter of Brent and Glenda Bohman; she also received the horsemanship prize. 2nd attendant is Shantel Watkins, daughter of Shayne and Collet Watkins. Thank you to all those that sponsored the queen contest, none of this would be possible without you. Sponsors include: the Morgan Lion’s Club, Big Valley Construction, River Valley Veterinarian Hospital, Marion & Kaye Lott, Amy Allen, and Anne Porter.

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