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City Council Notes June 28, 2011


Public Hearing Opening and Adjusting the Current Year Budget John Lynn Ò Lynn asked a question about the city’s shortfall vs revenues that had previously been reported. The council confirmed that they had made adjustments to cover the shortfall. Resolution 11-25 Ò 2010-2011 Budget This was a procedural adjustment to bring the budget in line with expenditures. The item was approved unanimously. Resolution 11-18 Ò JUB Engineering Contract The item was tabled until the next meeting for attorney Crane to review the agreement. Resolution 11-26 Ò State Street Electric Line Build Contract The contract was awarded to Pine Valley Electric. The three bids received were from Pine Valley for $79,181, Probst Electric for $128,951, and Newman Construction for $200,500. Pine Valley came with excellent recommendations from Rocky Mountain Power and another local government who had used their services in the past. The improvements will be from the Spring Chicken Inn along State Street for a little more than one mile. They will be putting in power poles to raise the line above the trees. They will also be upgrading the electrical line. The contract was approved unanimously with the provision that it includes a requirement that the contractor provide workman’s compensation insurance for their employees and have commercial liability insurance in an amount agreeable to the city. The contractor is also required to have a performance bond and a payment bond. Special Reports Member Betz reported that the movie in the park was well attended with more than 300 enjoying the evening. The next movie in the park is scheduled for July 8th at about 9:15 p.m. The city raised more than $100 for the splash pad from concessions sales at the event. Mayor Egbert reported on the car show. He informed the council that there were twenty one cars in the show and that there was a burn out on Commercial Street to culminate the activity. Member Little informed the council that there will be a three day home run derby coming to the city. They are expecting 700 visitors. Member Betz updated the council on the Fourth of July celebration. She reviewed the schedule of events. She also communicated that the city will be selling hot dogs to raise money for the splash pad at the fourth celebration at Riverside Park. Citizen Comments Mandy and Perry Taylor asked for their street, Circle Drive, to be re-paved. There have been many cuts in the road for construction. There are weeds growing through the cracks in the asphalt. John Lynn asked whether the city offered discounted culinary water for those without secondary water. Member London indicated that the city offers a discount on the overage (water above 12,000 gallons) for residents who do not have access to secondary water.

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