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Fair Memories – Quilts Provide Lasting Memories


What are the memories that you have of the fair? How about the smell of burgers or cotton candy? How about the many animals and watching the kids show their 4-H projects? What about all the exhibits in the exhibit hall? What a showcase of talent! For many years, people of the county have entered their treasures into the county fair. We get the opportunity to see into the lives of those around us by getting a glimpse of what they have to say through their projects. I remember seeing rows and rows of produce, flowers, and bottles of preserves. Those same beautiful white cases held sewing, beautiful dresses, cute p.j.’s, and needlepoint scenes on dishcloths, now too pretty to use. I also remember the quilts. The different patterned and plain fabrics put together so effortlessly, each with a hidden pattern inside the pattern. Each had a different story behind its creation. Each was made with love, sweat, and tears (usually if you missed and got your naked finger!) The Morgan County Fair has been providing the opportunity for the beautiful and talented women of Morgan to share and show their talents for the past 100 years. Have you noticed? One of the biggest secrets at the Morgan County Fair for the past 8 years has been the Quilt Contest and Auction. I’m hesitant to tell you about it because we feel very fortunate to have purchased at least 8 quilts over the past few years. Each quilt is different and has special meaning. One we bought because the women who had made it were each a strong example in my growing up years. Another because my son loves the Utah Jazz and so on. But there is one thing they have in common: love and desire from the creators to give to the community. Like rag rugs, tatting, and even needlepoint, quilting is becoming a dying art. This year at the fair, show your support of the arts by attending the quilt auction and purchasing a quilt. There are all different sizes, shapes, colors, and price ranges. The cost of the fabric must be covered but the rest….who knows? The fun is in the auction itself, the voice of the auctioneer, and the people like Frankie Little and ……. trying to out bid each other, and Lyletta Searle sneeking up and outbidding them both! Who would want to miss that?

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