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Lions Club Gets New Leadership


The Morgan Lions Club met this week and established new leadership. The new leaders are George Francis, President; Larry Durrant, First Vice President; DeOrr Peterson, Second Vice President; CarDell Mortensen; Third Vice President; Jeff Lucas, Secretary/Treasurer; Harold Laughter, Lion Tamer; Derrick Collins, Asst Lion Tamer; Herold Fry, Tail Twister; Al Grastiet and Laurel Hoopes, One Year Directors; Jerry Peterson and Hugh Davis, Two Year Directors. DeOrr Peterson, who conducted the ceremony observed that most of the men had served previously and called for the members to reach out to the community to expand their ranks. The Lions Club is one of Morgans most active service organization. They are involved in many service projects, the most visible of which are the Easter Egg Hunt and the Christmas event in the county. Behind the scenes, however, there are many more service activities they undertake.

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