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Dr. Vern Kilbourn is a long time resident of Morgan and Morgan’s first Chiropractor. He was the first Chiropractor to ever be issued a business liscence in Morgan County. He is a 2nd generation chiropractor in his family, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Ozias (nicknamed Banz) to the community. His grandfather who was a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport Iowa, had finished his graduate degree, but was not allowed to practice because he didn’t have a high school diploma, and the state required a high school diploma to practice, yet he already received his doctorate degree. His grandfather was not allowed to be grandfathered into the practice, and not allowed to charge for his services, even after he had obtained a doctorate degree. His grandfather practiced for free in the community and offered many hours of unpaid service to help others. Dr. Vern Kilbourn was inspired by the care his grandfather gave to others, and also wanted to be involved in the help and health of others. Dr. Vern Kilbourn also attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. He opened his chiropractic business in 1961 in the Spring Chicken Inn building where Paul’s Barber Shop now resides in Morgan City. Dr. Kilbourn had a steady flow of patients from the valley and as far away as Star Valley, Rock Springs, and Evanston, Wyoming, come for chiropractic care. Dr. Kilbourn’s father was born in Porterville, and his mother was raised in Hoytsville. His parents married and moved away from the valley. His family moved back to the valley when he was six years old. He attended the old middle school and graduated from Morgan High School. His great grandparents are some of the original settlers of Morgan. His Great Grandfather Eli Kilbourn came over with the Porter Brothers in 1862, for the saw mill that was located up Hardscrabble. Dr. Kilbourn has an array of experiences in his life from being involved with the Army, serving over in Korea, to being a part of the Navy Reserve. He served as a Ranger on an aircraft carrier. He also belonged to the Civil Air Patrol for 48 years as a Command Pilot. He went into chiropractic school on the G.I. Bill. After being in the Army he attended Weber State and then Post Graduate School in Los Angeles, and then Chiropractic school in Iowa. When Chiropractic was first brought into the health and healing arts field, it wasn’t so readily accepted. There was a definite division between medical doctor’s and chiropractic doctor’s, and a wedge that made it so the two health teams could not correlate health care or even associate in a social setting. There was much animosity between the AMA (American Medical Association) and Chiropractors. Dr. Kilbourn recalled, how even being seen in a social setting such as going out to dinner with a medical doctor could cause the medical doctor to lose his practice from the AMA. There were a lot of hurdles to get through for any chiropractor wishing to practice in the earlier times of chiropractic care. Dr. Vern tenaciously conquered many of those earlier obstacles in the healthcare field. It was a great victory in a class action lawsuit for the chiropractors who were able to have the AMA laws revised so that both healthcare doctors and chiropractors could associate together. He has worked many countless hours in service and also given much in charity and donations of free treatments, following in the steps of his grandfather. Dr. Vern Kilbourn not only has a love for chiropractics but many interests and hobbies including water skiing, boating, camping, and traveling (especially when it comes to cruises, as he and his wife have been on 16 cruises and visited many islands including those in the South Pacific.) His greatest hobby is flying. This love of flying is still one of his greatest passions even though he has been through a hang glider crash and a small airplane crash that caused his hands to become mangled. The accident happened to him as a passenger, who was flown in a small airplane with a person who was disguising himself as a pilot. He no sooner got up in the air from the Ogden airport, when the plane immediately landed backward right onto the runway. The runway lights tore through the plane and Dr. Kilbourn suffered shoulder and arm injuries, and his hands became twisted from the accident. Inspite of this near death tragedy, and having his hands mangled, his determination and love for his patients have kept him going. Dr. Kilbourn still faithfully practices out of his home now. He is a great example of living life to the fullest and pulling forward in spite of challenges. Morgan Family Chiropractic is Dr. Ryan Everhart’s business name, and he is the newest Chiropractor in Morgan’s community. Like Dr. Vern Kilbourn, Everhart is also a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Everhart and his family just moved from Utica in upstate New York. He practiced there for three years and then in Wyoming for two years. He is the 14th Chiropractor to practice in his family. Dr. Ryan Everhart was not originally planning to be a chiropractor, and for him, Chiropractic services were for overall wellness. He was raised by a father who would do adjustments to help his family in their general health and well being. It wasn’t until he started studying chiropractic care that he was made aware of all the many other benefits of chiropractic treatment such as back, neck, and pain management. He and his wife Amy are the proud parents of four children. Their second son was born with holes in his diaphragm. He went through surgery to repair the diaphragm, but he was still in a lot of discomfort after the surgery from the inability to have regular bowel movements. It was after a chiropractic adjustment that their baby was able to have normal bowel function. The Chiropractic adjustment aided in the overall wellness of their son. Dr. Everhart and his wife were driven to the Morgan Valley as an ideal picnic destination. They loved how green Morgan was and all of the beautiful scenery the valley holds. They are also avid skiers and love being close to Snow Basin. They also love camping and hiking. Everhart’s wife Amy has always wanted a studio to teach, display, and sell artwork. Dr. Everhart exclaimed that his wife’s artwork being displayed in the Chiropractic office creates the coolest reception area in the world! Reflecting on the present the future of chiropractic, he sees a new view on how Chiropractors and Medical Doctors correlate. The class action suit taking place from 1976-1987, was lost by the American Medical Association. The lawsuit was between chiropractor Wilk and The AMA over a law in place stating, That doctors of chiropractic could not associate professionally or personally with medical doctors. As Dr. Kilbourn stated, it caused a real disconnection and animosity in the between the two professions. Dr. Everhart said that he now only finds a friendly reception as he gets many referrals over from Medical doctors. Dr. Everhart’s office is located on State Street right next to Flick’s Family Videos. He is eager to get to know people of the valley, and he looks forward to helping people back to wellness. He has worked with all kinds of conditions and will see anybody: those with chronic pain cases, individuals who have tried everything and given up, and kids with special conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Food Sensitivies, Asthma, and more. He has seen much success working with patients to aid in the treatment of various conditions as chiropractic improves all aspects of the human body at a muscular skeletal level. We welcome this new chiropractor and his family into Morgan County!

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