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Morgan Valley Marathon Garners Large Participation


Saturday July 30th brought runners and walkers together to experience Morgan’s first history making marathon. Runners started at 5:30 A.M. for the marathon, 6:30 A.M. for the Half Marathon and 7:00 A.M. for the 5k run and walk. Runners came from all over the valley as well as from other areas to run the races. One lady came all the way from Colorado, visiting the Holcim Cement Plant on a business trip. She heard about this event and wanted to make a run of it. This was her first time running in three years, as she and her husband had been attacked by a mountain lion, while running in Colorado. The fairground parking lots were full as 650 runners poured into the Morgan Valley to run. There were over 100 volunteers that were on hand to help with the stations, the parking, and the organization. The organizers of this race included Tara Low, Heidi Erickson, Kim Turner, Janet Pace, Wanda Adams, Liz Donaldson, Allison Larsen, & Amy Ferrin. Brad Hale from Morgan signed up for the half marathon. He unknowingly started out at 5:30am with the marathon runners. After reaching mile 13 and seeing no finish line in sight he continued on, kept running, and finished the full marathon. Another fun story took place when another man from Kaysville started the wrong race, intending to run the _ marathon, he ended up in the full marathon, got a little lost, but ended up coming in first on the _ marathon with a few extra miles behind him, and smiles and laughs in front of him! The winner of the overall marathon was: Brian Tucker from Farmington 3:13 (3 hours and 13 min.) Heidi Tyler from South Weber 3:33 (3 hours and 33 min.) Winners from the half marathon were: Brad Nye from Kaysville 1:15 (1 hour and 15 min.) Rosy Lee from Mountain Green 1:24 (1 hour and 24 min.)

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