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Breakfast Coming to a School Near You


The school board approved a trial program for breakfast at Morgan Elementary. Hungry kids don’t learn, said principal Tim Wolff in support of the program. He reported that a citizen group voted, in a split decision, that the district should not provide breakfast. They felt that this was the parent’s responsibility. There were also members of the citizen’s group who felt that the success of the program could not be easily measured and that there were other ways to accomplish the goal than expending government money. The school board disagreed and determined that a test program at Morgan Elementary should be instituted. The response to this program will determine whether it should be expanded to other schools. Principle Wolff also told the board that no additional staff would be needed to administer the program. The district intends that the program will be fully paid for from federal funding. Mountain Green Elementary was not included in the test, primarily because there would need to be changes in bus schedules for the program to work. The school board determined to evaluate the program at Morgan Elementary before taking steps to disrupt the school bus schedules. The program will begin at the start of the new school year. Breakfast will cost $1.25.

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