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Campus Connection – Welcome Back


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Morgan High School. The past century has presented many educational challenges that the students, staff, and stakeholders of Morgan have overcome throughout the years. Our era is no different. We will begin this school year with several challenges including new construction, a new core curriculum, accreditation review, budget crunches, and possible unforeseen issues. However, our struggles make us stronger. I also believe that we have a talented and creative staff and an amazing community support system that will help us meet these challenges head on. Having said that, There is no excellence uncoupled with difficulties. In order to excel beyond our forefathers’ traditions of excellence, we will unite to overcome any difficulties that come our way. We have already begun construction on new facilities that will further benefit students for years to come. As construction continues throughout the summer and fall months, it will present challenges for upcoming games. Football games will be a challenge at best. Let’s please be patient and courteous of one another and weather this brief storm. Our teachers and administrators have begun training on the new core curriculum and will continue to train others and become proficient in the new standards now adopted by 44 states. Much of the change will come in our English department, with changes occurring in grades nine through twelve. Math has implemented a more gradual transition and will affect the 9th grade this school year. Our continuing improvement action plans are in place, and we are already preparing to meet the visiting accreditation team in March to show them our way of educational excellence. In these lean economic times, we have made needed budget cuts and have tried to find more creative solutions to meet the needs of our growing student body. As we prepare to open the doors to another great year at Morgan High School, I am confident that our next 100 years will throw us a few curve balls along the way. I am also confident that we have the strength, talent, and creativity to not just overcome those obstacles but to uphold and surpass our tradition of educational excellence.

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