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GPS Tracking of School Buses Coming to Morgan


It’s six-thirty a.m. and the temperature outside is 10 degrees. The bus should be arriving at the stop in ten minutes to pick up the kids, but its one of those mornings when it is likely to be late and one of those mornings inclined to result in frostbite while the kids walk to the bus stop and wait there. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know when the bus was going to be at the stop? Your child is on a school trip and needs to you pick them up at the school. Wouldn’t it be convenient to know when the buses are fifteen minutes away from the school? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then the Morgan School District will soon have a solution for you. The district has approved the installation of GPS tracking units in school buses. The system is being donated by a former Morgan High student who started a company that provides GPS tracking of fleet vehicles. There will be no cost to the district for the installation of the system or any costs for running it. Parents who wish to use the service will be able to purchase a subscription from the company for $5.00 per month to receive the notifications. Parents can receive text messages on their mobile phones at specific times about how far away the bus is from their children’s bus stops both at pick up and drop off. They can also be alerted when buses on special trips pass certain preset landmarks. The district can also use the system to notify parents who subscribe via text messages of any system wide delays or problems, such as bad weather delays. The GPS tracking will also give much more information to the district that will help to reduce costs and manage the buses more effectively. The district will be able to see the routes taken by any bus, the speed that the bus was driven, the time taken at each stop, and other information. This will allow better planning of routes and should allow cost savings over time. It will also allow the district to pin point the location of a bus that has broken down to more quickly get repair crews on site. The company expects to have the system installed by the beginning of the school year and will then provide a website where parents can sign up for the service.

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