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Community Spotlight – Gualco Family


There is a new family in town and they’ve only been in Morgan for just over a year. You probably would have guessed they’ve been here longer with how acquainted they are with the people, the great new friendships they’ve all made, and all the activities this family is involved in. The Gualcos moved their family to Morgan just over a year ago, on August 13, 2010 from the town of Castleford, Idaho. The man of the house, that is, Joe, enlisted in the military about two or three years ago at the age of thirty-two. It was a day early last year that Joe and Courtney came to the dealership in Morgan. Courtney fell in love with the town immediately. Oh! What a cute little town! she had said. On the way home in casual conversation, she said to her husband, We are gonna move to Morgan. Joe’s military service meant he was only home a couple days a month. The couple decided it was too much for them to be apart and said, Okay Morgan, here we come! However, when the couple began looking around they became unsure if they were going to be able move or not. You know what? Courtney said, I don’t care is I have to live in my trailer, we’re moving to Morgan. And they did. Morgan was the perfect place to call home. This way, their family would be able to be together every night. The Gualco family had just arrived in town around two in the morning when there was a knock at the door of their trailer. To their surprise one of the men they had met was standing on the front step. ÷Okay, I see you guys are here. Are you guys ready for us to come over about nine o’ clock to help you move?’ We were all very tired and out of it. We weren’t expecting it, and he says, ÷I have a couple of guys who are going to help.’ And I’m thinking, okay, him and a couple other guys, that’s three. Twenty-two or twenty-three young and adult men later, we and our truck unloaded in forty-nine minutes. Gualco goes on to say, That’s one of the things I am absolutely adoring about Morgan is that people just come out and help for nothing. We get a text from a neighbor saying so and so needs help and everyone who can will go and help. That’s almost unheard of these days so it’s a breath of fresh air that people are like that. Among the kind people of Morgan that the Gualcos have had the pleasure to get to know here, there are other things that strike them about the town that makes them love it even more. The schools are so good. I really enjoy them, says Gualco. She loves the education her children are getting. The four Gualco children are very involved in school and their activities and they all take an interest in sports and, it would seem especially, basketball. Cameron Gualco, the eldest of the children at fifteen, is involved in quite a lot. Until school begins he is working for a local dairyman, feeding and milking cows and stays quite busy with that. His activities include boy scouts, playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and cross country. Last year he was on the junior varsity for the soccer team and played quite often for the varsity team as well. Among his sports, Cameron also enjoys some laid back time playing his Barry saxophone in the high school band. He goes to school early to practice jazz band and is also enrolled in the concert band class. It’s almost as big as he is, his mother laughs, but he plays it well, something he really enjoys to do. Along with band being his favorite class, he also really enjoys math, science and history. Cameron plans on going through the Air Force Academy to become an aerospace engineer. The next oldest of the Gualco children is Deirdra, also known as Dede. At age twelve, Deirdra is going into the seventh grade and, like her big brother, enjoys playing soccer as well as basketball and volley ball. She is very involved in her young women’s group and is also apart of the up coming Anne play as one of the orphans, along with her mother as Miss Hanagan and her sister, Emily, who also plays an orphan. Dede enjoys English, reading, spelling and science. Everything but math, she says. Deirdra also enjoys writing immensely. She is constantly writing books and will someday get her books copious amount of books published and be a world renowned author. Andrew Gualco, age ten, is next in line to his two older siblings and is a very spirited young man. He is the type of kid that will give you the shirt off his back, his mother says. Andrew loves to serve others and looks for anyway in which he can do that. His favorite activities include playing basketball and soccer, which he begins this week for the fall season, and boy scouts. He certainly gets involved in anyway he can. Andrew is going into the fifth grade when school begins and is excited because he’s going to be one of the oldest kids on campus. The youngest of the children is little Emily, age eight. The only blonde hair and blue eyed girl in the family. She’s our little actress, Courtney says. She’ll be talking to you and all of a sudden comes up with an accent out of nowhere. It is plain to see that young Emily certainly has a natural talent for brightening her family members’ day. Being a little actress isn’t all she’s good at. She also enjoys playing basketball and will be beginning soccer in September. Emily is going into the third grade and her favorite subjects include art and recess. They’re good kids, Gualco says, and I’m happy to have them. Now if I can get them that passionate and driven about doing their chores we’d be golden, she laughs. Courtney Gualco enjoys decorating cakes. It’s one of my favorite things to do, one of my favorite hobbies. If I could ever sit and read, I would read a whole book. She enjoys reading anything and everything from Harry Potter to Gone with the Wind. As a stay at home mother, she also enjoys going out and playing in the garden with the kids, having basketball games in the back yard and going on drives just to see what’s out there. One of our more exciting adventures is just going on a drive in the car, not knowing where. Courtney and her husband also play softball together. As long as it puts us together, we enjoy doing it. She also keeps herself busy with the up coming play, Annie, where she plays the role of Miss Hannigan, shared with another mother. Courtney coaches soccer and is also the President Elect for the PTSO of the elementary school. If I don’t keep busy then I don’t have anything to do and so I have to make my life just go, go, go or else it stalls. The head of the Gualco household, Joe, likes to tinker, his wife says. I swear he was born with a wrench in his hand. He enjoys working on old vehicles, building things, and making things around the house. Joe and his son, Cameron, have a project they will be working on soon which involves combining two vehicles. Cameron just got a truck and now they get to make two trucks into one so that he’ll be able to have a vehicle to drive when he turns sixteen. He is a machinist or metals tech. He keeps the planes in the air and without him they wouldn’t fly. Up until March he had been in active duty. He is now in the reserves. In a few more weeks, he’ll be active again. As said earlier, Joe enlisted in the military at age thirty-two. When he left for basic he was the oldest in the training and tech school and graduated with highest honors and acknowledgements of his class. He is very hard working. He puts his heart and soul into everything. Gualco goes on to say, My husband’s favorite thing to say with our kids lately is treat everyone like you would want to be treated. That is one of the biggest rules we have in our lives. They are in the process of building their own family insurance company, which is called Gualco Family Insurance: old fashioned service for your everyday needs. Right now they are working out of their home and also have a small office. Courtney tells Morgan, Don’t change. Everybody is so kind and nice and welcoming. I think that is one of the best aspects of Morgan County is that it’s such a welcoming kind of community. You could be in a grocery store for two hours because there’s somebody to talk to around every corner. And the biggest part of that is the community being so open and kind and understanding to everybody.

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