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Annie Sings into Audience’s Heart


Morgan has recently had a taste of cultural with the performance of Annie. The Morgan Community Theatre sang and danced their way into the hearts of all attendees, this past week. Though this was a slightly shorter version from the movie or Broadway show, the story and main plot were carried through successfully. Based on the story by Thomas Meehan. The actors were convincing in the roles they portrayed, and the chemistry between the actors helped to make it a good experience. The cast of Annie was well-selected, even down to the part of Sandy, an obedient, well-trained white dog, named Sophie. Both the audience and the cast of performers walked away with an optimistic outlook, humming the melody The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. The final night of the play, was considered to be a full house, by some that attended. When all the money is counted the director, Adam Slee; the Morgan Community Theater Company and those that attended this performance, can have the satisfaction that they made a difference and they can stick out their chin and grin. The proceeds will be going to help fund the Morgan School District Special Education Department. Cast Annie~ was played by Heather Heywood and Chloe Adams, alternated night performances Oliver Warbucks~ was played by Klint Heywood Gracie Farrell~ was played by Josie Foster Mrs Hannigan~ was played by Courtney Gualco and Lori Lee, alternated night performances Rooster~ was played by Steve Hopkins Lily St.Regis~ was played by Erin Bott and Melissa Quigley,alternated night performances ORPHANS Molly~was Emily Gualco Kate~ was Julianna Jo Little Tessie~was Cambria Farr Jessie~ was Kaitlyn Farr Pepper~ was McKenzie Ellis July~ was Julie Little Duffy~ was Taylor Sowder and Kirsten Bennett alternated night perfromance GIRL ORPHANS were: Haldyn Anderson, Ellee Anderson, Alaska Bailey, Brett Bailey, Kirsten Bennett, Mckinzie Bingham, Caroline Bott. Aspen Cook, Isabelle Cook, Alexandra Doubleday, Sage Earl, Morgan Ellis,Meadow Foster, Olivia Griffith, Deirdra Gualco Kiah Johnson, Madylaine Johnson, Kaitlyn Kearsley, Kate Korth, River Lee, Halley Limb, Jayden Limb, Taylor Limb, Qrimsen Payne, Audrey Quigley, Emily Quigley, Prslee Simmons, MarynThackeray, Haidyn Thomas, Stephanie Toney, Baya White, and Faith White. BOY ORPHANS were: Gabe Bott, Hunter Cook, Carter Ellis, Andrew Gualco, Colton Hott, Spenser Johnson, Mason Morley, Tony Nicoletti, MANSION STAFF Miss. Drake ~was Jennifer Hatt Cecille~ was Jolene Abbott Annette~ Kristina Morley Mrs. Greer/Mrs. Roosevelt ~was Laura White, Mrs. Pugh~ Lisa Mae Ryver , Star-to-be ~ Meghan Abbott, Bert Healy ~Gage Anderson, President Franklin D Roosevelt~ Willard White CITY PEOPLE Mr Bundles~ Dave Thomas, Apple Seller~ Gage Anderson, Dog Catcher~ Willard White, Lt Ward~ Todd Anderson OTHER STAFF- CITY PEOPLE -RADIO PEOPLE Quarter Bailey, Jaycee Cook, Tiffany Ellis, Kathy Glover, Raganne Hales, Shaylee Hatt, Jessica Heywood, Bailee Johansen, Kiley Matthews, Poem Pinhey, Macey Quigley, Brittney Reid, Tasha Romero, Maddie Russell, Breely Saunders,AJ Slee, Avry Slee, Anna Tibbetts and Kennedy Thomas. Noticing the similar last names, its obvious that family members helped to play a major role in this production’s success. All that made this possible,should be commended.

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