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Not only did Morgan bring home another nail biting win, they showed what it really means to not only be a team, but a band of brothers. Number 71 Landon Carter was represented by the team at the South Summit game last Thursday. Carter went in for heart surgery the same time the Morgan Trojans would be playing the South Summit Wild Cats. The team rallied for Landon and each teammate inscribed #71 on their arms with a marker. Morgan #11 Jose Patino scored the first touchdown about five minutes into the game. South Summit followed that up with a touchdown just before the end of the fist quarter followed by another mid second quarter. Morgan player Bridger Anderson brought the Trojans back into the lead with another touchdown, but South Summit pulled ahead by the half with a score of 14 to 18. Early in the third quarter Morgan’s Lantzen Toomer ran 87 years for a dramatic kick return to pull Morgan back into the lead. South Summit then pulled ahead with a field goal followed by a touchdown. Lantzen Toomer brought Morgan within four with a touchdown. Stephen Dredge had an excellent performance again for Morgan. He scored four extra points and then kicked a field goal to bring Morgan to a tie with only 47 seconds remaining. The score was 31-31 when time ran out on the clock. The final touchdown was made in overtime by Bridger Anderson with a nine yard run. The Team spirit and school unity displayed this year is truly amazing. The Trojans pulled together and showed their colors as they gave all in the game and showed support for their teammate!

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