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MHS Students Remember 9/11


The Morgan County News asked students of Morgan High School to share with us what they remember of 9/11 and how they think we can promote freedom. The following are some of their thoughts: S. Francis – The Twin Towers were attacked on September 11, 2001. I just woke up at my grandmas house. My parents had left for Montana the day before, because my dad had a business meeting there. I walked down the stairs from the bedroom I had slept in the night before. I could smell the fragrance of waffles my grandma had prepared for me. I could hear the news in the next room and it kept repeating crashing noises. It talked about people running frantically everywhere. I finished eating and went in to watch the horrible news cast. Then I went to school. I think people my age can do a lot more than we think[to promote freedom]. There are so many ways to promote freedom. The best way I think I can promote it is to support our armed forces. They are off in foreign countries fighting for what we have. I. Knudson – I was in second grade in Mrs. Richins class. I remember watching it on the news and all the teachers being shocked. I really didn’t understand what was happening. So I was very confused. What I can do to promote freedom, I can start by supporting the military. The military is a big reason we have freedom so it is important to support them. Another way I can promote freedom is to vote and be educated in politics. Z. Kane – I remember exactly when 911 happened. I was in my 2nd grade classroom reading a book for English reading time. My teacher then turned on the TV and I saw a building up in smoke. I was very confused and didn’t understand why they were on fire, then I saw the other building explode, then we got under our desks. I promote freedom by saying the pledge and paying taxes. I also love this country. I donate to the police sometimes. I really respect the soldiers. E. Richards – I remember my 2nd grade teacher getting the news. She gathered us all together and sat us down on the rug. We weren’t sure what she was going to tell us, but we were real quiet as we anticipated what she was going to say. She told us that bad people had taken over an airplane and crashed it into these two really tall buildings. She told us how people were hurt and a lot were missing. My teacher also told us that we would never forget this day. What I can do to promote freedom- I think one of the biggest things I can do is stand up for my rights. People all around are trying to take away our human rights, so it’s our job to fight for them. It’s our job to vote and make sure that we keep our republic. F. Gonzalas – I was in Uruguay. I remember watching the news and hearing all about it. I remember that I was so scared and telling my mom I wanted to stay home from school because I was afraid that it would happen to our school. I think that the best way to promote freedom would be thanking God for everything he has given you and help everyone to become free like the U.S. T. Maxwell – I believe that I was in Panguitch, Utah’s elementary school, sitting in class. I remember the teachers turning on the television set and showing the class the news. We watched the footage play over a few times before the whole school went outside and recited the national anthem or something like that. I think that one could promote freedom by presenting any non-conventional views that could perhaps be going against laws of other people or even legislation. Provide inspiration to people who may agree with you but have not yet taken away action. Do not conform to laws that you think are unfair or even wrong. Fight them to change the way we all live, but do it with selflessness and respect to others. C. Carter- I was in class, when it all happened. My parents came and checked me out of school and I didn’t know why then we went home and prayed. I was so confused. I think to promote freedom we need to fight against things that threaten our freedom. A. Bills- I really don’t remember where I was I think I was in 3rd grade? I really don’t know. I remember watching the towers exploding and falling. We watched during class. B. Stuglmayer- I was in Ms. Garder’s class in 2nd grade walking in the teacher turned on the TV and was freaking out. Then we watched the news about the whole thing during class. I remember it pretty well. How can we promote freedom? We can follow the laws. Tell people how great our country is. J. T.- Around 7:00 a.m., as my mother watched the news, she called me out of my room saying that the Twin Towers had been hit. As I departed and eventually arrived at school, the classrooms TV had depicted the towers falling. K. Kohler- I was in my 2nd grade class on 9/11 and Lincoln Elementary in Layton. It was a Thursday and I remember that our principal called over the intercom and called all of our teachers down. They came back and told all of us what happened. J. Jones- I honestly don’t remember where I was or what I was doing. I just remember the news was constantly on and everyone was always talking about it. I remember watching the video over and over again. No one would stop talking about it. My Grandma said she was making blankets for the kids who lost their parents. I would just be glad that we are free and let people know you are glad to live somewhere that we don’t have to have a ruler. J. P. Ò I was in second grade when it happened. I don’t really remember exactly when or what happened. I just remember watching T.V. show what happened and how the planes ran into the twin towers. Then my teacher’s son was going to have to go to war. So my class had to write letters to everyone. I can promote freedom by saying the pledge of allegiance, and national anthem. Ummm I don’t know much, but that’s what I think. K. Davis- I was in 2nd grade in Mrs. Richins Class. I remember it was a total normal day, and all the teachers started freaking out and let us watch the news. We were all silent and sad. I remember crying. People on the news kept telling us how many deaths there were. To promote freedom we could say the pledge of allegiance in respect and show respect for our troops at war. K. Konier- I don’t know what me, myself and I can do to promote freedom, but I think that maybe you as a group of kids or teenagers, can help promote freedom by making peace with everyone. We should not have war. Staples- I was probably sitting at my house in Clearfield. I don’t remember because I was only 6 years old. To promote freedom one could join the navy and help our country fight the war. Citizens promote freedom by voting for or against laws. T. -I was on the other side of the world when this happened, so I didn’t really know about 9/11 until my mom turned on the T.V. and saw it on the news . The first thing I thought was what in the heck are they doing? All the T.V. said was something like terrorist attacks, but I didn’t really find out what happened until a while later.

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