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Eagle Scout – Blake Poll


Units 276 & 576 of Mtn Green Conducted both a Court of Honor and an Eagle Court of Honor at the Bowery at Mountain Green on Wednesday 7 September 2011. Friends, family, Scouters and Scouts joined forces Wednesday, 7 September, to honor their Boy Scouts which was reported in last Fridays edition of the Morgan County News. Due to space restrictions, only part of the article was printed. This week we would like to recognize and honor Blake Poll who received his Eagle Rank at the Court of Honor on 7 September. Blake had earned his Eagle Rank in 2009 but had never received the award. Patience is not part of the Scout Oath or Law but Blake certainly demonstrated patience waiting until this particular award ceremony to be officially recognized. Tom Johanson, 1st Counselor in the Mtn. Green Ward Bishopric, introduced Blake. The Hogle Zoo also had their live eagle on stage with Blake and a very informative history of our Nation’s symbol, the Bald Eagle, was given. Former Troop 276 Scoutmaster Brad Richards presented Blake his Eagle Badge and Don Poll, Blake’s former Scout Leader, presented Blake the Eagle Pledge. Congratulations Blake!

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