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Executive Director of Utah Dept. of Veterans Affairs to Speak to County Veterans


All county Veterans are invited to attend the combined meeting of American Legion Post #67 and VFW Post #6154 for an opportunity provided by these veterans groups to hear from the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Veterans Affairs, Terry Schow. This meeting will be held on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 7 PM in the auditorium in the County Building on 48 W. Young St. Morgan. All Veterans, be they active, retired on active duty, etc. in the county are strongly encouraged to attend this special opportunity where they can address their concerns and questions to Terry Schow. Questions concerning employment opportunities for returning veterans, medical issues and retirement plans are just a few areas of many that will be discussed. So write down your questions and concerns and bring them to this special meeting opportunity. Come to learn what retail businesses that offer discounts to veterans. There will be a lot to learn and do to help our veterans feel more comfortable from the services they have rendered to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. Hope to see many of you there. For more information contact James Nickerson at 801-589-9074 or Milan Mecham 801-829-3565.

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