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Early Tuesday September 27, hundreds of students and parents took to the streets of Morgan, walking from all over the city to promote safety. Walk to School Day is one of the major components of Green Ribbon Week, which was celebrated by Morgan Elementary School this week. Parents and Students were encouraged to make the walk to school as a reminder to stay safe and look out for others. In addition to the regular crossing guards, Morgan Police, and parent volunteers helped guide the way. Green Ribbon Week was started in Morgan last year after a very scary near hit of a boy riding a bike. Other frightening moments prompted PTSO members to look for a way to encourage safety. They worked with the Weber/Morgan Health Department to begin this safety campaign. Utah averages 1,100 pedestrians hit and 40 killed annually. Green Ribbon Week’s goal is to prevent these numbers. To make sure distance didn’t rule out any children who ride the bus to school, the PTSO set up a bus drop off at the Morgan Rock Church, for those with signed permission slips. Excited children rode the bus to this destination near the school, and then were escorted the few blocks to their campus. It was an exciting thing for the students to do something out of the usual. Sheriff Blaine Breshears was happy to step in and help with this project. He thinks it is a good way to give kids an opportunity to walk to school that wouldn’t normally be able to. He also likes being able to keep the kids safe. Each student had their own outlook on the morning. 4th grader Jamison Burraston was all smiles on his walk to the school. It’s fun, Jamison gushed, You get to walk with your friends! Gabrielle Heiner, a kindergartner, was a bit more guarded. When his mother Jessica told him about their altered morning walk he proclaimed, That’s too far! This is the perfect time for the community to remember to watch for pedestrians and bicyclers. Parents please take note of the Green Ribbons around the school this week, and remember to drive safely to and from the school. Please drop your students off by the office. Making shortcuts, or letting your kids out on the street, could be the difference of a safe day at school and a big tragedy. Take the time to show your kids you care about them and about safety. Show children you care about them by taking the time to teach them safety and giving them a good example.

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