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Teacher Feature – Chris Deitsch


Chris Deitsch is in the business of teaching high school students business. He is teaching classes ranging from Computer Technology, to Business Communication. Mr. Deitsch’s favorite class he took during his own days in High School was Sports Marketing, and he is excited to be offering this class to students 3rd trimester. Mr. Deitsch graduated from Clearfield High School in 2006, and from Weber State University in 2011. The best way to get on Mr. Deitsch’s good side is to work hard and show others respect. On the other hand, not paying attention or being disrespectful, and lack of effort are Mr. Deitsch’s least favorite traits. School has been in session for just over a month, and Mr. Deitsch has found Morgan School District a great environment and really enjoys the community. He came to Morgan upon recommendations from others as he asked around about schools. The opportunity opened for him to teach here, and he is enjoying it. Besides teaching business, Mr. Deitsch is also responsible for Morgan High’s FBLA, Girls Tennis team and the high school newspaper. This is a packed schedule especially when coupled with establishing lesson plans as a first year teacher. He is rising to the challenge and is even taking the Girls Tennis Team to Region today, where they are currently ranked 3rd. In his down time he enjoys sports and particularly likes hockey, soccer, baseball, snowboarding and golf. He played hockey at Weber State University, and interestingly enough only recently began playing tennis.

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