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Break-in at Holcim


Holcim Cement Plant in Crodyon began Tuesday with its typical routine. Employees were crossing the plant with their usual responsibilities, and drivers were picking up loads of cement to transport to various destinations. As employees and customers moved about their normal routine, one truck was not expected. Around 10:30 a.m., a truck drove through the plant gates and directly to the Electrical parts storage shed. Two men immediately and efficiently cut the latch and lock off the door. Quickly looting the building they exited. An attentive employee noticed the pair of thieves and acted quickly. Josie Pentz, geocycle operations, noticed the men and realized they should not be there. She attempted to block the truck in, however they maneuvered away. While they were swift in execution, they were not fast enough for Pentz to get their license plate number. Even more difficult to escape were the videos catching the duo in criminal action. Within a short time the video was reviewed and law enforcement began their investigation. Within a few hours they had suspects named. At printing time no arrests have been made. The act itself is not as unusual as the culprits timing. Any other attempts at burglary have been under the cover of night. This plan seemed particularly bold to many of the employees at the plant when this occurred.

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