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Holcim Cement Plant Receives Awards


Recently Holcim’s Devil’s Slide cement plant was awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s esteemed Energy Star. This is the fourth Consecutive year our hometown plant has been given this award. Pleased to receive the award Keith Krugh, Holcim Plant Manager, felt that it signified more evidence of all the employees efforts to reduce energy consumption. This is no easy feat and can’t be credited to any individual or department. It’s really the whole plant, Krugh said proudly of the plant employees. At Holcim, every employee is deeply committed to protecting the environment, and the recognition of these efforts is a great way to share our commitment with the public. The best of class energy consumption means there will be less electrical demand on the grid in our area. The ENERGY STAR¨ is the national symbol for protecting the environment through superior energy performance. Safety Performance Awards As of October 4, 2011 Devil’s Slide cement plant has added a new record to their history. Family members to the 130+ employees probably feel this latest record is more important than any other. On Tuesday they reached a milestone of 7 years without a lost time accident. This means they had no work injuries significant enough to require an employee to miss time at work because of the accident. The plant has been in operation over 100 years and this is the longest stretch of this kind of record. With so many employees this is a big accomplishment in what could be dangerous situations without the proper attention to safety. The employees of the Devil’s Slide live throughout the plant and are our neighbors, friends and family members. They have been working to eliminate the big safety incidents and haven’t neglected to avoid the minor injuries. They also avoided reportable injuries for over eighteen months. Reportable injuries are minor injuries that need attention. A common example is receiving stitches. Even a single stitch would fall into this category. As part of this long record of safety the plant has received awards along the way signifying their accomplishment. The Chairman’s Safety Performance is a prestigious award given to a very select few. It is awarded by the Portland Cement Association (PCA). Devil’s Slide plant was awarded this as well as the Perfect Record award. It’s not one thing. It’s the focus on all the elements of safety, Ernie Durrant said of how they earned they earned their safety awards. The individual employees have to work hard and be vigilint in to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of their fellow employees. Durrant feels safety his a top priority of the leadership of Holcim, They focus on the welfare of employees safety as much as production.

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