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Teacher Feature – Stephanie Simister


Stephanie Simister is the newest Math teacher at Morgan High School. Stephanie grew up nearby and attended North Summit High School. Growing up, she was inspired by her teachers and gained a life-long love of learning. This deeply ingrained principle is an important part of her teaching philosophy as she tries to instill the same philosophy in the students she teaches. After student teaching here in Morgan, she taught at Bountiful High for one year before returning to teach in Morgan. Remembering the high caliber of students and faculty here at Morgan High School, she was very impressed and wanted to return to Morgan. Stephanie and her family reside in Henefer, where she is busy chasing her three children (ages 15, 13, and 9) to their different activities. When she is not teaching she enjoys being with her kids, football games and reading science fiction or not too gooey romance novels. Stephanie really enjoys Morgan High School’s tradition of Maroon day. Each Friday students dress up in Maroon shirts and blue jeans and she feels that it brings the student body together and creates a sense of unity. Her biggest goal for her students is to teach them how to solve problems and to think critically. This can be used in many areas in life and she wants her students to be able to have the confidence and skills necessary to do so. A bit of advice she would like to share with her students is to Keep up!!! Don’t get behind. Often, she sees students who struggle with the lessons put them off. This only creates an even bigger problem, especially in Math where concepts build upon each other . Stephanie has an open door policy as do most teachers and encourages anyone needing help to come on in and get caught up.

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