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Creative FACS is a good and fun way to spend an hour once a week every week at Morgan Middle School. Also not to mention the delicious snack or craft. Every week after school whether you come Tuesday or Wednesday we get to do something like make a recipe or make something to take home. Creative FACS has been doing this for a few years to help kids get interested in cooking or sewing. Creative FACS stands for Family And Consumer Science. It is an after school program which helps kids enjoy fun and exciting new experiences. Kids can’t wait to come and get a new recipe and make it, but the best part for everyone I am sure is eating it. Another good thing about it is that it is completely free. If you miss a week it doesn’t matter you can still get the recipes the next time you come. You can come either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. They like to break it down to Tuesday’s for 6th grade and Wednesday’s for 7th and 8th just for size, but if you can’t come on your specified date please still come. Creative FACS after school at the middle school for 6th 7th and 8th graders is run by Christine Whitear. Here is a schedule for the next few weeks: Oct. 4 Only on Tues. 2:30-3:15 Sewing Lab #129 Locker Pockets Oct. 11, 12 Tues-11/Wed-12 2:30-3:15 Foods Lab #127 Pizza Snackers Oct. 18,19- Tues-18/Wed-19 2:30-3:15 Foods Lab #127 Surprise????? Oct. 25- 26 Tues-25/Wed-26 2:30-3:15 Foods Lab #127 Swamp Creature Toes. Come join the fun!!! Sixth graders come on Tues. Seventh and eighth graders come on Wed. This is just a quick easy way to divide the classes so they are smaller. You can come either day that will fit your schedule. If you are younger tell you older siblings to make the recipes for you or wait until you are in 6th grade.

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