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At the St. George Marathon, on October 1st, Rosy Lee, Morgan High School Cross Country/Track Coach finished first in the Women’s Division with the winning time: 2:43:59 (2 hrs,43 mins,59 secs), beating her previous record from 1999 of time: 2:44:52 by 53 seconds. When she won the women’s division, twelve years ago, in St. George Marathon, the prize package included a paid trip to Ibigawa,Japan, while there Rosy and husband Mark, stayed with a Japanese host family. The two families have kept in touch and since 1999, some of the Japanese family has visited the Lee Family. Rosy said,My husband has been telling me to get us back to Japan, for a while. Finally we will be taking our trip in November. This summer, Rosy competed on the winning team (new record holding), at Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. She described her experience,The girls I competed with were inspirational athletes. They all gave me the incentive and desire I needed to hire Coach Ed Eyestone. I wanted to run fast again even if it meant more mileage, more effort, and more money. Rosy has been coaching at Morgan High school since January 2011. She is proud of the team and when the picture was taken, she was listing all the athletes and forgot to get in the picture. This week’s meet Region and next week is State. Good luck Cross Country!

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