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Teacher Feature – Steven Gudmundson


Steven Gudmundson is Morgan High’s new woods teacher. His curriculum encompasses all drafting, woodworking and construction classes. He graduated from Westwood High School in Austin Texas in 1996, and then went on to graduate from BYU. He came to Morgan because of a job opportunity, and is enjoying his time here. Mr. Gudmundson enjoys furniture design and is excited for the opportunity to teach this to his students. Students can quickly get on Mr. Gudmundson’s good side by getting involved and trying out their interests. Mr. Gudmundson enjoys teaching students who have a lot of their own passion. He says, It is nice to see students dedicated to something they love. Finding passion in what they are doing will help students do better in school. When students are interested they try harder. Mr. Gudmundson gets frustrated with students who do not take care of equipment. It is disrespectful to everyone involved when students are careless with the equipment. Regardless of what student’s interests are they can respect others around them. He is taking on this challenge of first year teaching with an eager attitude. He spends his time getting the shop organized and ready the way he prefers things. This shop teacher strives to keep a clean and organized shop. He finds a clean shop, is an efficient shop. Mr. Gudmundson’s move to Morgan is far from his first move. He has lived all over the world. Born in Japan, Mr. Gudmundson spent his formative years living in Germany. In addition to his international habitations he has also made homes in Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico among other places. While this lifestyle can be difficult on a young child, constantly leaving friends and familiar places, it is also an amazing opportunity to learn and see new things.

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