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Teen Square – Doubting Yourself


Have you ever felt like that you are incapable of doing something? As if you aren’t strong enough or others will think less of you if you can’t do it? I can relate. Doubting yourself is second-guessing yourself, which will bring you down. I used to think that a lot of things were out of my reach or were out of my league. It really damaged my self-esteem and my personal being as a person. Until I ended up telling myself with every new opportunity that came my way, You are smart and strong, you can do anything. With the help of my mom and dad always telling me, If you set your mind to it, you can over come the impossible. There is always that part of you saying, You are crazy thinking that you can do this! But you have to overpower that doubt by saying, I have the potential and the capability to do it. And kick that negativity to the curb. If you couldn’t do something, it wouldn’t be placed before you. For example, last year I signed up for Girls Golf for the first time. When it came to try-outs, I always had that voice saying, You shouldn’t have done this, and you won’t make the cut why even waste your time? I knew that I had the ability to do my best and try. I did make the team and I did it by kicking that little voice to the curb. Everyone has the ability to do something great and life changing, but we can’t do it if we doubt our own strengths.

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