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County Council Notes October 18, 2011


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Ned Mecham, Lyle Nelson Absent: Robert Kilmer (attended by phone for a portion of the meeting) Council Business: Member Kippen reported that the slurry seal has not been completed at the Enterprise park. At the Milton Park the OATC (Ogden Applied Technology Center) has been doing masonry work on a barbeque grill. Terry Turner reported on a meeting with FEMA. See County Receives $98,000 from FEMA for Flooding on this page . Member Nelson attended an economic development brainstorming session where he was able to hear ideas from other counties of Morgan’s size. He reported that there were a number of ideas he gained that he will communicate at a future meeting. Member Mathews commented on the freeway construction. He observed that the state construction project has degraded part of the county roads as they have been driving large trucks with heavy loads on Old Highway Road. He suggested that the county approach the state to find out if there is any recourse to pay for the damage to county roads. Mathews also reported on the condition of the Lost Creek road. He suggested that the county seek state funding to fix the Lost Creek Road. His estimate is that it will take approximately $40,000 to fix the road. Jann Farris Ò Ordinance CO-11-13 – amending County Code 5-5-3 and 5-5-4 to remove special rules for Pit Bull Dogs This item came from an item last council meeting where the council was requested the council review the code pertaining to Pit Bulls. The dog owner had adopted a dog from an animal shelter. He later determined that the dog was less than one quarter Pit Bull. County Attorney Jann Farris indicated that information he had received both indicated that there was not a good legal definition of a Pit Bull, and that Pit Bulls do not generally bite more than other breeds of dogs. The attorney proposed removing the language in the ordinance that specifically prohibited the ownership of Pit Bulls in the county. The ordinance change was approved unanimously. Amanda Horrocks Ò Year end review of 4-H/Extension Service Horrocks reported on the activities of the 4-H and the USU extension service. John Barber conditional use permit to construct a garage outside of the building envelope of lot 5 The permit was approved unanimously. Renew Contract with Tracy Kummer (Morgan Food Bank) Kummer supervises the food bank for the county. This will extend her contract an additional year at the same rate of pay as she currently receives. The total amount of the contract is $12,000 per year. The item was approved unanimously Tina Kelley Ò Highland Subdivision storm drain improvements See Council Approves Improvements in the Highlands to Avoid Lawsuit. Opening and approval of contractor for Animal Control Sheriff’s Building See County Approves Animal Control Building.

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