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How can I keep from singing


The Morgan High School and Middle School choirs came together to present their annual fall concert called How can I keep from singing conducted by Mr. Michael Mills, with his own piano teacher Suzanne Gibbs accompanying some of the music groups. The following students, also accompanied the singing groups: Jessica Heywood, Aubrey Pantone, Kenzie Henriod, Carina Smith, Jacob Rice, Bekah Peterson, Maddie Russell Many styles of songs were performed with a few traditional, and many with an international flare. Mr. Mills announced the new name of the middle school advanced choir calling it an Italian name MMS Voci Bel Canto meaning A style of operatic singing characterized by full, even tones and a brilliant display of vocal technique. The following groups shared their beautiful singing with a nearly packed audience. MMS Mixed Choir, MHS Men’s Choir (Morgan’s first men’s choir), MMS Voci Bel Canto, The MHS Concert Choir, The Millenial Choir, and Ovation. Come join the music efforts of these students for more upcoming holiday events.

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