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On the 29th of September the Morgan elementary 4th graders went to Farm Field day put on by the Morgan FFA chapter and sponsored by Morgan Soil Conservation. They participated in activities such as roping, horseback riding, and played some games. There were also some stations where they learned about soils, water pollution, water creatures, water basins, dairy cattle, and beef cattle. There was also a petting zoo, put on by the Stan and Karrie Larsen family, that the children got to see learn and interact with the animals. There were rabbits, llamas, goats, sheep, a donkey, and horses. The boys and girls really enjoyed the rabbits. A couple of times some of them escaped and one of the FFA members got quite the workout try to get them back in the cages. Jodi Meacham Brought two of her family’s steers, Boomer and Baby Boom. Some of the kids were rather impressed by how big they were and how many stomachs they have. She showed them some of the medicine that they give the steers; it was a very large pill. Several of the kids thought it was just a big model of it and were surprised that it is a real one that they administer to the steers. We would like to thank, Morgan Soil Conservation, The Stan and Karrie Larsen family, Clark Dairy Farm, Jodi Meacham, Shane Green, James Barnhill, Madeline Carrigan, Desirae Van Dyke, Matt Peterson, and Eric Peterson for helping to teach these kids. Thanks also to the 4th graders for coming and having fun. We are all thankful, especially the Teachers and FFA members, that it was a nice day and not raining so our fingers didn’t freeze off! Thanks again everyone!

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