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Morgan Middle school science olympiad


This year in 8th grade science we are doing a number of fun activities. We will make and erupt volcanoes, make and launch catapults and make grape smashers. The students have many chances to perform hands on experiments and labs. I believe that this enriches the learning environment. Science Olympiad starts on Tuesday November 1st, and will continue every Tuesday after school until the State Science Olympiad in March. We will be conducting a lot of fun science activities including two liter bottle rockets and making slime. We will also get prepared for the Region and State competition. Any student in the middle school can participate and come compete with us later in the year. Past students have really enjoyed meeting students from other schools and interacting in a college environment. We will also be taking a group of students to the Weber State Science Fair next March. Students who wish to participate will design an experiment and perform it. They will document all of their data and create a threefold poster board to display what they did. They will be judged and will get to interact with other students as they demonstrate their knowledge of science. Students have the opportunity of winning scholarships if they are in the top percent. These programs help support programs going on in the high school. I work closely with the high school science department and enjoy supporting their programs. All students who have participated in the past have had a great time and constantly ask when they will be starting up the following year. Some of them even go on to be the Science Sterling Scholar. I highly encourage you to get your students to participate. Mr Madeo was quoted as saying that Miss Briget Miller is a great teacher that not only teaches science but sincerely cares about her students.

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