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Teacher Feature ~ Shasta Breshears


Mrs. Breshears is the new English teacher in the Morgan School District this year. She teaches three tenth grade English classes at the high school in the mornings and two seventh grade English classes at the middle school in the afternoon. Mrs. Breshears graduated from our very own Morgan High School and went on to Weber State University afterwards. She put her degree on hold for a while to start a family but went back to school three years ago and received her bachelor’s degree from Weber State majoring in English Teaching with a Psychology Teaching minor. Mrs. Breshears’ favorite class when she was in school was Mr. Hunt’s English class. She said that the students had the highest respect for him and admired how he valued each student’s personal success. She chose to teach English because she has always loved reading and writing. Mrs. Breshears said she would be perfectly fine if they stopped producing televisions and produced more reading material. Her favorite thing about teaching is helping the students discover their talents and potential. She finds this rewarding and believes that English is easier to teach once this is achieved. Having lived in Morgan her entire life, Mrs. Breshears loves being surrounded by people she grew up with. She finds it fun to work with her past teachers who have now become mentors to her and thinks it amusing when she can look into her students’ eyes and see their parents’ likeness. Mrs. Breshears’ husband is the Morgan County Sheriff and they have five children, two sons: Cormick (19) and Conley (12), and three daughters: McKinlee (16), Millee (9), and Charlee (5). Her life is centered around her family. She frequently watches her kids play baseball and softball and chases them around to their various activities. Mrs. Breshears also enjoys bike riding and photography. When she can find the time she loves to ride horses and go camping with her family as well. It’s great to have Mrs. Breshears teaching in our schools.

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