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Community Spotlight – Floyd & Charlotte Widdison


Floyd and Charlotte Widdison have lived in Mountain Green for 40 years. They actually met in Morgan over 45 years ago when Charlotte taught elementary school and had Floyd’s younger brother in her third grade class. She also taught mutual in Morgan and had his 2 younger sisters in her class. Both the sisters and the brother kept telling Floyd what a nice teacher they had. When Floyd saw Charlotte one day walking down the street, he thought how beautiful she was. Floyd finally put two and two together and realized that the teacher and the beautiful girl were the same person. Eventually, one of his sisters set them up on a blind date. I guess the blind date went well because they have now been married forty-four years! Floyd’s parents lived in Morgan: Vera and Max Widdison. Floyd’s brother drove a school bus for the Morgan School District and his mother managed the Williams Mercantile store in Morgan. Charlotte is originally from Coalville. Her father had a dairy farm there, but he sold it when Charlotte was about 2 years old. The Floyd Widdison family first lived in Sunset but bought their home in Mountain Green a few years after they were married. They have three children: Mark, Travis and Shayna who all went to Morgan schools. They also now have 4 grandchildren. Mark lives in Atlanta, Georgia and works for a software company, Travis works for Comcast as a fiber optic specialist and Shayna lives in Provo. She obtained her degree from Weber State University in Child and Family Studies, and her husband is working on his Masters degree. They are expecting their third child. I actually worked with Shayna when she was working on her degree at WSU. I was involved with a literacy project through the Child and Family studies department and Shayna was a practicum student in our program for a semester. She is one of the most upbeat and kindest students I worked with. After he graduated from high school, Floyd joined the Air Force and had a tour in the Pacific. He served in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. After his tour of duty, Floyd went on to serve a mission for the LDS church in Canada for two years. His mission president was President Thomas S. Monson. After he was married, he worked for the I.R.S. in Ogden for 28 years and is retired from there. He tried retirement for a few years, but he wanted something to do. He drove a van for Country Nich which is an adult day care in Clinton for 4 or 5 years. He would pick up disabled adults and then return them to their homes at the end of the day. He said he had many interesting experiences because some of his riders had Alzheimer’s and dementia. He also delivered Meals on Wheels for Morgan County and worked for The Ride in Ogden. Charlotte taught school in Morgan for seven years and then taught for the Deaf and Blind School for 15 years. She was a special education teacher and taught a class for severe children ranging from 3 to 4 years old. These children were visually impaired as well as having other disabilities, and she worked with a nurse and teaching assistant. She said she loved her job and working with the children. She said when she would hold these children, a warm glow would come over them. While at WSU getting her teaching degree, Charlotte took a class on plant identification and also took another class in Ephraim Canyon on nature studies. Many years ago, when I was a Scout leader, she shared her knowledge with the scouts and pointed out native plants when we went on a five mile hike. Charlotte says this is her niche: plants and animals. She and Floyd have 2 cats and 2 dogs at present and have gotten their animals from Southpaw Rescue at Petco. This great family has worked and served many in the Morgan community and Northern Utah area and have enriched the community in many ways.

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