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Editorial – 100th issue of The Morgan County News


This edition marks the one hundredth issue published since Anne and I purchased The Morgan County News in November of 2009. It has been an interesting, educational, and enjoyable ride. Running a local newspaper in a town with only a small number of businesses is challenging. For many years the newspaper has been on the edge of survival. Since 1923 it has been a labor of love for the publishers who have owned the newspaper. The process of publishing the newspaper each week is demanding. Our small team works to get the newspaper to print on Thursday morning and then immediately begin the process of identifying content for the next week. By Tuesday we need to have content locked down and ready for layout. Then we layout the paper often into the wee hours of Thursday morning, go to print, and the process continues. I wanted to take time on our hundredth edition to recognize those who make the newspaper in Morgan possible. To the many individuals who contribute content and let us know about stories I express a huge THANK YOU! The school district, city and county council are staunch supporters of the local newspaper. Many parents and coaches take time to provide news on sporting events and other activities in the county. Again, thank you to each person who helps in the effort to keep alive the traditions of Morgan and the community building that the newspaper represents. We could not exist without the writers who work each week to deliver the news and community profiles. Each of them gives of their time and talents. The small team of employees has made herculean efforts and sacrificed their time to help get the newspaper to print each week. My special thanks to Wendy Nelson and Darcie Harris who keep the newspaper running day to day. Our other writer’s that contribute are Melinda Savage, Ellison Jackson, Joan Triplet, Pam Atwood, Ron Whitear, Corey Baumgartner, Kristy McClellan, Katie Mecham, and student writers Bailey Pfannerstill, Cassandra Anderson, and Madi Sunday. We would not be publishing without our advertisers. It is a small, but tight knit community of businesses in Morgan that work together to support the whole community. We thank each of them that advertise and encourage our readers to support the local businesses that do so much to add to the community. Lastly, I want to personally thank each of you, our subscribers. We could not publish without your support. Thank you for your interest in the community, and your patience with us. I have come to love the Morgan community. Anne and I were welcomed with open arms when we purchased the newspaper. The feeling of community, service, and love towards the beautiful valley, have captured our hearts and minds. The many community profiles and events have allowed us to come to know many outstanding people in the valley. We appreciate this opportunity. We have worked over the past two years to build on an incredible legacy left by other publishers. We have worked to add more color to the newspaper and more local content. I hope you enjoy the newspaper and encourage you to send us your thoughts and suggestions. We publish the newspaper, but it really belongs to the Morgan community. We hope that the pages each week help you know what is happening and little more about your neighbors and we hope it enhances the feeling of community in Morgan. Newspapers across the nation have been struggling for survival and we are no exception. It is the support of the community and the community spirit that has kept the newspaper alive and a vibrant part of the community since 1923. May it continue for many years to come. Thank you again for your support, friendship, and participation. Don Anderson Publisher, The Morgan County News

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