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Morgan welcomed Richard and Linda Eyre last week as they presented information from their new book The Entitlement Trap. Morgan Empowered sponsored the event to help families in the area gather information that would assist and help in raising their children. The Eyre÷s wrote their book to help parents with the growing problem of entitlement. In several polls conducted by the Eyre’s they found that around 41% of parents marked the sense of entitlement as the biggest problem facing our youth. Excessive technology and gadgets came in second with 27% , but this also could be deemed as entitlement. The audience agreed with Richard as he established the fact that rural communities have just as big of a problem as urban communities. In addition, as the Eyre’s have traveled the world as presenters, they have found entitlement is becoming a bigger problem in almost every social setting. In the book it states, we seem to be working for our children’s approval, rather than their working for ours. As our lives get busier, we parent give our kids things instead of time. The Eyre’s emphasized entitlement as a trap for our youth because once those entitlement jaws have grabbed a child, they hold fast. The reason this trap is a particularly bad one is that it stifles children’s initiatives, encourages self-centeredness, and mutes their natural and healthy fear of consequences. So what is the answer? Ownership! Children need to have ownership of personal things, of actions, of decisions, and of their goals. The Eyre’s recommended every family have a mission statement. A mission statement can create a direction and bond within our families. If you missed this event, Morgan Empowered gave out 100 books to those in attendance so check around your neighborhood see who you can borrow a book from or books can be purchased over the internet or at your favorite book store. Morgan Empowered consists of the following organizations: Morgan County, Morgan City, Morgan School District, Morgan Weber Health Department, Morgan LDS North Stake, Morgan LDS Utah Stake, Morgan Sheriff’s office, PTSO, Business leaders (Barber Brothers Ford), and Parents. They meet the second Tuesday at 9:30am at the School District Office all are welcome to attend. You can send comments and recommendations for further events to the current president, Shelly Betz at sjbetzmcc@live.com] A special Thanks to those who donated to make this event happen. Additional insights and information on parenting from Richard and Linda Eyre can be found on valuesparenting.com. The Eyre’s book is full of how-tos and plenty of examples to go with it on combating entitlement.

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