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Meet the Candidate – Tony London


Tony London has served on the Morgan City council for fourteen years. He grew up in Morgan County, in Croydon. After he married, in 1979, he moved to Morgan City. He has three children and two grandchildren. He works at Holcim as the plant terminal manager. His responsibility there is for shipping product to their customers. He decided to run for the council to see how it ran and to gain a better understanding of the inter-workings of government. He had an interest in participating and giving back. He felt it was his time to get involved and give back to the community he has enjoyed over the years. London decided to run again because he has enjoyed the experience of working with the existing council to accomplish many good things in the city. He also continues to learn in the position. He says, It has been very educational. It has been a good opportunity to serve the community and hopefully make a difference, hopefully make Morgan City a better place to live. London has responsibility for sewer, water, and sanitation. I get all the jazzy, sexy stuff, laughs London. Looking back on his time serving on the council, London is pleased about the park, the boweries, and the playground and is proud of the councils work to improve the facilities. He feels good about the work in the cemeteries and that the city built the new city building and has now paid it off. He is pleased with the progress of the water and sewer system as well as the power infrastructure. London feels that the council has faced the challenge of cutting expenses to meet incoming revenues, but knows that there will be challenges ahead to keep spending in line with revenues in the coming years. I would love to see a larger tax base_we work on that all the time. That is more difficult, said London about the work the council has done to bring businesses into Morgan. London sees the need for private funding to augment the city’s activities in order for economic development to be successful. London is pleased with the work at Riverside Park. He feels that the movies in the park have been very successful. He is glad to see more use of the beautiful Riverside Park. He is also supportive of the splash pad. I think the splash pad will be a nice addition. I think most people are looking forward to it. Especially if we are going to get it built with donated funds and grant moneys, says London. He continues, I think the city has a responsibility to its citizens for sewer, water, power, and roads and garbage. I think there is also an obligation to provide parks and recreation, something for our youth to be involved in. London feels that the realignment of the law enforcement contract has worked well. He feels that the reduction in expenses of paying off the city hall, reducing law enforcement expenses, and eliminating the city justice court have been good decisions to reduce expenses and still provide appropriate services to city residents. London feels that the relationship with the county council has improved, but suggests, I think it would be beneficial if occasionally_we actually met together on occasion. We used to do that, we used to have a joint meeting. It has been years since we have done it. Even if we met with them on a quarterly basis. London expressed appreciation for the support he has been given on the city council by city residents. It is really the people, it is the community. It is the citizens of the city that make Morgan City what it is. There is a very good spirit of volunteerism, a very good spirit of let’s work together to get something done. I look forward to the opportunity of four more years and accomplishing some goals and objectives. I have a list of capital improvement projects I would like to see come to fruition in the next four years. There are three seats up for election on the city council. Voters will be asked to vote for three of the four candidates for city council in the election. The four candidates are DeOrr Peterson, Jeff Wardell, and Tony London, who are currently serving on the council and Lynn Mickelson who previously served and is running for a seat on the city council. Elections will be next Tuesday.

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