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Special Education at Morgan Middle School is a variety of experiences, personalities, subjects, abilities, and needs boiled into one program. Part of what makes us unique is that every day has different thrills and experiences. It is an exciting adventure! The basic component that the staff of our department and building employs is ÷love the students.’ By this statement I mean that we provide students with the challenges, supports, counseling, and instruction needed to help them succeed and feel that success here at Morgan Middle School. For every student this is different, but we try to include all students in the regular school routine and classes as much as possible. That is what makes it so challenging and fun. We provide students of a wide array of needs with instruction based on their needs in academics, social skills, study skills, behavior management, hygiene, and about anything else students need that we can fit into our days. Our staff is excellent and well trained. We work well together to meet the huge array of needs our students have. We celebrate every success we can to build our students up. Another huge component of our program is the excellent peer tutors. Eighth grade students apply for peer tutor class and are selected based on grades, citizenship, and recommendations. Students in this program work with students who struggle in a variety of settings. They learn compassion and advocacy. Many of our peer tutors have gone on to careers in education due to experiences in this program. I love Morgan Middle School. I love the students who go here. I love teaching. Each year brings a new opportunity to impact the lives of students in my program. I am grateful for my job as a teacher because I have the great blessing of instructing students with a wide variety of abilities in a wide variety of topics. I love it. Mr. Madeo stated Steve Wood, his middle school colleague Steve Richards and all of the para-professionals at Morgan Middle School are some of the best special education advocates with whom I have ever been associated!

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