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Community Spotlight – Lon & Lauri Eskelson


Although Lon and Lauri Eskelson had spent their whole married life in Plain City, Lauri says their recent move to Morgan last spring felt like they were coming back to their roots. Long-time Morgan residents might know Lon’s dad (D.W. Eskelson) who was born in the town of Devil’s Slide and even taught there before later teaching in Morgan. Lauri originates from Farr West, while Lon mostly grew up in Plain City, which is where they ended up raising their children. Lauri likes to tell the funny story about when her friend introduced her to Lon. Until then, she had never heard the name Lon before, so she asked like the mower? Lon and Lauri have two daughters, one living in Japan, the other in Dallas, Texas. They are also the proud grandparents of 5 granddaughters (ages ranging from 1 month to 12 years old). She is affectionately known as the horse Grandma to her grandchildren. After their daughters moved away the Eskelsons decided it was time to finally settle down, and they began looking for the perfect location. A primary consideration in this search was finding suitable land for their four horses. Ultimately they fell in love with the Morgan valley and found a beautiful house that not only had a perfect pasture for the horses, but also included a computer room for Lon and an art studio for Lauri. While growing up, Lauri’s dad taught art at Weber State. His influence profoundly impacted Lauri’s own love for the trade. She has always enjoyed drawing and painting. Now that she lives here, she has found the beautiful Morgan scenery to be an ideal subject for her recent paintings. She specializes primarily in oils and enjoys painting landscapes and wildlife. Often times, she will go on painting trips to southern Utah and paint the desert country. Not only is Lauri a skilled artist, but she has also expanded her passion into three-dimensional media. Thirty years ago a co-worker taught her Lamp-working, or what is commonly known to us as glass blowing. For years Lauri made blown glass objects which she distributed to various gift shops to sell. Her children fondly reflect on this cherished memory of their mom creating and peddling her beloved blown-glass objects. They loved traveling around to each of the shops with their family. Lauri still enjoys making and selling blown glass objects. During this time of year she is busy creating blown-glass ornaments for Christmas and is even able to do custom work. Outside of the home, Lon and Lauri share a love for riding horses and traveling. When Lon is not busy working at Hill Air Force base, he is an avid golfer and loves working on various projects. Many years ago, Lon served as Branch President for the Millcreek Correctional Institution. During his tenure there, he initiated a tutoring program to address drug addiction and provide mentoring relationships. To this day he still visits the institution weekly to volunteer his time. Interestingly, Lon has another tie to Morgan. Lauri’s brother, a documentary maker put together the film American Gunmaker, the Story of John Browning in which Lon starred as John Browning. Although Lon and Lauri have many talents, Lauri credits their greatest accomplishment as seeing their grown daughters be good parents and good decent people. The Eskelson’s are so grateful to live here in Morgan and are appreciative of their many friends and neighbors. For those interested in seeing Lauri’s artwork, it can be viewed at the Pleasant Valley Library across from Ogden Regional Medical Center until the end of December, or at Gallery 25 on Historic 25th street in Ogden. Lauri is part-owner of the gallery along with other fellow artists. Her artwork will be featured there during the month of December.

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