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Entering Pocket Change in November, you’ll find a few leftover Autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, party supplies and knick-knacks; Christmas colors, decorations, a tree that displays some of the ornaments and items that are so festive, you would think you were in Santa’s workshop. Friendly store clerks that help you find what you need whether its office supplies or something for the kitchen. There is also warm socks, and gloves from time to time. A short time after the Duerdens opened ACE Hardware Store in Morgan in 2005, Julie decided to utilize that back corner of the building, and only using a portion of it open Morgan Dollar Store. She said I decided Morgan needed it. The store offered toys, candy, and party supplies everything a dollar or less. After a few months, the Duerdens expanded offering a more broader variety of items. Adding more variety, was adding to expense while trying to keep offering everything for a dollar or less,things got more expensive, Julie explained. So after two years, she changed the name to Pocket Change. Now with the name changed Julie could offer even more at affordable prices to the customers. Traveling twice a year to Las Vegas, to buying shows in February and August. She also orders out of catalogs and through about 100 vendors. She said, I’ve hand picked everything that is in the store. Since, she added, we added the little shopping carts,…. that creates quite a memory…the kids come running for the shopping carts. There are many items in the store that help create a memory a special greeting card, create your own flower arrangement, select some fun for laughs, delight someone with specialty balloon bouquet, birthday, wedding, whatever the occasion or just because. Julie shared an experience, these ladies come over from Roy to shop for jewelry, because they like the jewelry selection here, verses those bigger dollar stores. Pocket Change is open six days a week and closed on Sunday. Curious to see, if they have what you need call 801-829-3053 or stop by located at 265 N State Street in the back corner of ACE Hardware Store.

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