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Community Spotlight – Mr. Grinch


Mr. Grinch was born in Whoville, moved to Morgan County in 2011. He was born with a heart three sizes too small, and has had heart trouble ever since. When he was born, he lacked oxygen, instead of turning blue, he turned green instead. (He refused to allow any green pigment to be on his profile picture as he gets embarrassed by his green color.) He used to like to dress up at Christmas time and crawl down the chimneys of people’s houses and take all their presents, even down to the roast beast. Mr. Grinch has been a lone miserable man, for the most part of his life, because he doesn’t like people or celebrations. He loves animals, especially his little dog named Max. Max is a very multi- tasking creature, who obediently always listens to his master, no matter the task small or large. His dog is so strong, that it has been known that this amazing little dog even pulled Mr. Grinch home one day, when his car broke down. Mr. Grinch summers in Utah up by the M, and he really doesn’t like living in Morgan because people are too nice. It just irritates him at all times. You will never see him opening doors for others, helping in community service, serving his country in the military. He enjoys being miserable and lonely. You might find Mr. Grinch tail gating on the interstate, expressing road rage, or anything that adds to his ever growing misery. He is not a big shopper, so you won’t see him much at any store, very frugal, and a tight wad to say the least. His hobbies include collecting garbage to make household items, he’s very artistic that way. He also is very talented at rolling his eyes and raising his bushy eyebrows in great expression. Some of you may see Mr. Grinch around over this holiday season. I’ve heard rumor that he may even make a grand appearance at the hometown Christmas on Commercial Street. Though he doesn’t like attention, if you see him, welcome him, give him a handshake or a hug, wish him a Happy Holiday. There’s no place like Morgan for a Grinch to be.

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