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Young adults from all communities in Morgan Valley recently presented a special service award to Sherie Wright. Representing a large group of young adults attending Institute, Jeni Lake and Chelsea Jensen presented Sherie with a crystal clock as a small token of appreciation for countless years of service to the students of Morgan High School. It is hard to imagine anyone giving so much volunteer service to so many, commented Chelsea during the presentation. I can’t even comprehend the sacrifice of personal time and effort that you have given so unselfishly. For over 16 years, Sherie has assisted thousands of junior and senior students from Morgan High School secure, prepare and submit their college applications. She has helped them secure scholarships and other financial aid to help pay for their continuing post-high school education costs. Statements from young adults are praiseworthy. She helped us understand the enrollment process. She brought to Morgan, representatives from universities and colleges across our entire state. She helped us understand and improve test scores that are reviewed by these higher-ed institutions. She helped us secure and fill out college applications and lovingly guided us through the submission process. For more than 16 years, Sherie Wright has spent at least 7 months of each year helping students at the high school. She averages 20 hours a week, which totals 80 hours a month, which is over 560 hours a year. Times that figure by 16 years and you have well over 9000 hours of volunteer service given out of love and concern for others. Those in administration at the high school estimate that Sherie has individually assisted at least _ of each graduating senior class over the past 16 years. Jim Wiscombe, counselor and coach at the high school, indicated that Sherie especially seeks out those ÷first generation college students. These are students whose parents did not attend college. Mr. Wiscombe indicated, In addition to countless hours helping individual students, you can find Sherie assisting with every scholarship fund raiser and always attending scholarship board meetings. Sherie Wright is the consummate nurturer. Whether that service is given to family, in her Church, or at Morgan High School, she represents a remarkable example of one who is truly charitable. Thank you, Sherie Wright. On behalf of all the young adults and citizens of Morgan Valley, it is our privilege to honor you for your exemplary service to all of us. Sherie is married to Kelly Wright. She is the mother of 7 children, 11 grandchildren. She and her husband reside in Peterson.

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